Hidden Paths VR

created by the Hive Collective

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I C I M A G E  
                            The Hive in process ︎︎︎

Museum of HIDDEN PATHS 2019
Mixed Reality Development and Installation with Swarm Dynamics & ONCA Gallery

Thomas Buckley - Developer, 3D design, Interactivity development

Cliff Crawford - Developer, User testing, 3D design, Interactivity development

Elia Habib - Set design and installation

Rebecca McDonald-Balfour - Project development and visual development

Story & interviews: Elia Habib, Kate Genevieve, Sam Hewitt, Thomas Buckley, Cliff Crawford, Andy Baker

Alexandra Stuart-Hutcheson - Interactivity development and Usability 

With special thanks to our interviewees Faumuina Felolini Tafunai, Otter Lieffe, Charlotte Pulver

Additional voices: Maisey Hewitt, Molly Ellen, Annie Elliot and the HIVE collective

Envy -
Sound design and Music

Sam Hewitt - Music, additional audio 

Idil Bozkurt - Curation, photography, visual design & communication

Antonia Slater - Communications and creative story-telling

Ben Ireland, Emily Hallows, Tyler Van der Berg, Gregory Campbell, Molly Ellen, Annie Elliot - General Hive project development

Website - Kate Genevieve, Elia Habib, Antonia Slater


With thanks to Andy Baker, for technology training, guidance and mentoring

Kate Genevieve and Sam Hewitt - Creative mentors

And the fantastic Lucy Wood for project management and mentorship

User Testing training from Michelle Proksell

Additional mentoring and research David Holyoake, Oxana Lopatina, Julie Doyle, Nathan Oxley, Becky Ayre and Persephone Pearl.

With thanks to ALL and for creative support, permissions and inspiration from:

Swarm Dynamics, Fusebox Wired Sussex, Professor Julie Doyle at Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics at University of Brighton, STEPS Centre at University of Sussex, Persephone Pearl and ONCA Gallery, Sholeh Johnston at The Field, Julie’s Bicycle, Donna CloseIdil Bozkurt and Josh Redfearn at New Grounds, Anna BetzGeorge Pór and Avi Khalil Campus Co-EvolveMaata Wharehoka, Tracey Benson and  Parihaka  Puanga Kai Rau Festival and Ian Clothier at Intercreate, Mick Taylor and Hummingbird Project Brighton and Together Co, Pilgrimage of the Spring UK and Further Arts Vanuatu, Holochain and Bretton Woods 75, Creston Davis and Erik Bordeleau at the Global Center for Advanced Studies theGCAS.org.   

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