Welcome to the Museum of Hidden Paths 

Everything that could have happened,
and many things that did,
are cast into shadow
as one path is chosen...

The Museum for Hidden Paths is a virtual and physical installation for experiencing alternative futures.

This Mixed Reality project emerged from the SYSTEMS CHANGE HIVE, a community art collective dedicated to sharing knowledge about futures based on wellbeing and Systems Change. The Hive collective created Hidden Paths with community activists as a space of solidarity and a way of experiencing the futures they worked for.

Activism and forms of world-changing creativity is most often precarious. Change is driven by the tireless work of characters who live on the edge, who may be ill-supported but who refuse to back down. Contemporary society has precious little room for supporting radical imagination and creative action. The Hive’s Museum for Hidden Paths experiments with creating a Virtual space for much needed solidarity, reflection and incubation of radical alternatives.

Together a group of artists created a spacious world of colour and poetry designed to share knowledge, protect the new and encourage transformative creativity to keep on growing out into the real world.

- Extract from collective statement, the HIVE collective
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